Friday, 14 August 2009

The Duke

Sad to read today that it appears that the Duke is hanging up his boots (at least as far as English football is concerned).

One of the most gifted players I have ever had the fortune to see wear a Leeds shirt. Was a joy to watch when on form, in many ways on his day there were few strikers with such a brilliant all-round attacking game.

I hold many of the ex-players from the “living the dream” era with contempt for the way they treated the club and for the circumstances in which they left, though in most cases they have gone on to enjoy less money, less success and generally less of a career which I suppose placates me somewhat.

I never felt that with Viduka though, just enjoyed watching an intelligent player play football, even when he had left to play for Middlesbrough where he continued to shine before hopping onto the terminal Geordie comedy roadshow for its last trip around the block.

For a bit of nostalgia, watch this YouTube clip, and enjoy.

Marching on Together